Key management software
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  • Purpose: Key control for physical keys
  • Database application program for desktop PCs
  • Free download, test it without time limit

"Key Organizer" software for Windows™

Keep records of your key transfers and manage your locking systems profes­sionally by yourself.
Picture of a key
The larger the number of keys and persons, the more difficult it becomes to manage the key inventory and all key handovers in Excel tables.

Key Organizer is a clearly arranged desktop appli­cation program for keeping track of your facility's keys, documen­ting transfers to key recipi­ents, and recor­ding all doors with their locks.

All key transfers are logged, handover receipts can be printed (as PDF). In addi­tion, the locking func­tions of keys and locks can be mapped accor­ding to a locking plan.
  • Import existing data from your Excel spreadsheets
  • Customize print templates individually in Word
  • Multi-user and network-capable software
  • Supports PDF signing software (signature pad)
  • Secure: No Internet/Cloud access (local Windows app)
  • Over 15 years of experience
  • Current version 2024, active continuation of development
  • English speaking support via e-mail included
  • Program also available as freeware for small businesses
Several locking systems from several proper­ties can be managed in one view. Several users can work with the same data at the same time. Your data is not stored in a cloud, but only on your PC or in your local net­work. Thus, your sensi­tive data does not leave your house. Our program intentio­nally has no inter­net con­nection.

Inexpensive: One-time purchase without runtime limi­tation.
Test without time pressure, gladly with assist­ance by e-mail.
Download now and try it for free!
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Manage your door keys on the PC

Keeping key control in a paper-based key log book is no longer up-to-date. But even Excel tables are often only a tempo­rary solution, because anyone who has ever struggled with maintai­ning the key inven­tory in large work­sheets quickly recog­nizes the advan­tages of a specia­lized database appli­cation. And so more than 3,500 medium-sized and large compa­nies as well as public autho­rities have already opted for our key soft­ware.

Although there is facilities manage­ment software for property manag­ers, which can also handle master key systems and may include a key manag­er module, our easy to use soft­ware is some­times used there in parallel.
In addition to mechan­ical keys, any other locking media can also be entered into our program, e.g. access cards, RFID chips, trans­ponders, badges.

If you also want to record doors and locks, you can enter purely mechan­ical lock cylin­ders or also elec­tronic or mecha­tronic locks. This means that all types of locking systems can be entered in Key Organizer, regard­less of manu­facturer. Data import of locking plans is possible.

The import of employee lists and key transfer lists is also provided for. Key issue and return is logged. Key handover proto­cols can still be printed subse­quently. If you want to distin­guish between several key cabinets and locations/ branches, you can display the key inven­tory per depot/ storage.

Please test our Windows appli­cation, which you can down­load at any time in the latest version from this web­site. If you have any ques­tions about the program, please just write us a short e-mail.