Key management software
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Test KEY ORGANIZER for Free!

No registration required: Download our full-featured key manage­ment pro­gram here. It can be started directly, no installation required, no Windows administrator permissions needed.
  • Operation purpose: Key control for physical keys
  • Database application software for desktop PCs (Windows)
Without a license code, the program is freeware or trial version with a lim­it­ed number of up to 30 dif­fer­ent keys and 30 people. Since the program has no expira­tion date, you can use it perma­nen­tly with your own entries.

By purchasing a user license (license code), a higher number of data sets is available to you, see staggered price list.

Download "Key Organizer"   © Aidex GmbH, 2023

Version 2023-06, info for existing customers
For Windows 11, 10, 8, 7  (64 Bit, Intel/AMD)
Usable without installation, no admin rights needed
The program uses no Inter­net access, no cloud: Your sensi­tive input data does not leave your house!
Trial version limited to 30 keys and 30 key owners (free of charge), no time limit­ation, all functions, no regis­tration required, no adver­tising
Multi-user and network capable (but not in async. cloud)
Off-the-shelf software License Agreement
Download size about 29 MB  (PDF user manual included)
Usage: to get started see First steps.
If you have any questions, please send us an email.
Uninstalling: If you have installed the program (optional), you can remove it by default via: Windows Control Panel > Apps & features > "Key Organizer" Uninstall.

Importing lists (data import)

If you already have Excel® tables, e.g. key lists, lists of persons or a locking plan, we recom­mend that you import them into the demo version before you decide to purchase. We will be happy to help you with this. Using your real data, you can most easily test the program and evalu­ate whether it meets your require­ments.

Software purchase

If you decide to purchase the program, see price list, you will receive a license code from us, with which you can unlock the higher number of data records yourself (no IT admin and no internet connec­tion required). Your company name will be displayed in the program as the licensee.

Additional files

User manual
For a printable version of our user guide, please click on Help > Help as PDF-File in the program menu.
Or download the user guide here: UserGuide.pdf
Setup details for system administrators
Network Installation etc.: InstallationTips.pdf
Locking plan as import template
Excel® spreadsheet with explanations
Download: LockingPlanTemplate.xls
Key issuance list as import template
Excel® spreadsheet with explanations
Download: KeyIssuanceTemplate.xls