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Price List   Key Organizer

One-time purchase price of a perpetual license for version 2023/2024, no ongoing license costs.
The prices quoted do not include sales tax. The sales tax depends on the buyer's location and is shown in the next step in the online store.

The purchase price includes support via e-mail in English.

Program variantsby capacityNet price
Variant 5,000up to 5,000 persons, 5,000 keys, 5,000 doors$2,180.00  Order Button
Variant 2,500up to 2,500 persons, 2,500 keys, 2,500 doors$1,420.00  Order Button
Variant 1,000up to 1,000 persons, 1,000 keys, 1,000 doors$980.00  Order Button
Variant 500up to   500 persons,   500 keys,   500 doors$640.00  Order Button
Variant 250up to   250 persons,   250 keys,   250 doors$420.00  Order Button
Variant 100up to   100 persons,   100 keys,   100 doors$280.00  Order Button
If required ...Additional users (more than one PC)each$160.00  Order Button
If required ...Conversion of data from other programson request  

Key Counting: You do not need to count duplicate key copies. So you rarely get high quantities in the thousands, see Method of Counting. Nevertheless, more than the above-mentioned 5000 entries are possible on the program side. With "persons" the key receivers are meant. If you need more, please write us an e-mail.

License and program updates: With the one-time purchase you acquire a license of use for an unlimi­ted period of time. There is no mainten­ance con­tract and no ongoing license costs. You purchase the functio­nality as it is avail­able in the program at the time of purchase. Nevertheless, you may always download and use the latest program version, but any addi­tional features that may be intro­duced later are not unlocked. In case of need, new functions could be purchased later at a reasonable price (license upgrade).

Image of a key

Network usage: The Key Organizer can be used in a local network on multiple computers. Several users can work with the same data at the same time. For this purpose, however, it is necessary to purchase an additional user license from the second computer onwards at a discounted price. This also applies to use via a terminal server. Additional user licenses can also be purchased later.

Delivery: The program will be provided to you as a download link and license code by e-mail. An already installed demo version can be unlocked with the license code. Due to our manual order processing, please allow 24 hours for delivery.

Fair upgrade option: If you need an extended program variant at a later stage, the cost of an upgrade will only be the single difference to your already purchased variant. Thus, you will not be at a financial disadvantage if you start small at first.

How to order: Please click on the program variant you would like to purchase. This will forward you to the MyCommerce online store.