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Paperless with a signature capture pad

Our desktop software "Key Organizer" (key control for phy­sical keys) gene­rates hand­over receipts as PDF docu­ments.

Instead of printing out the receipts and having them signed on paper in the conven­tional way, there is now the addi­tional option of embedd­ing signa­tures digitally in the saved PDFs. This elimi­nates the need for paper receipts.

Multiple manufacturers of signature pads: Our program can call the PDF signing software of the follow­ing manu­facturers: Topaz Systems (USA), StepOver® (Europe only), signotec® and Wacom®.
The Topaz pDoc Signer software for Windows is available free of charge. If you already have a signature pad from Topaz, you can try it with the demo version of our "Key Organizer".

Signature pads differ from graphics tablets or cell phone displays in that the special pads also record the pressure force and time history during the signing process. This addi­tional informa­tion is trans­ferred to the PDF in en­crypted form and pro­vided with a certi­ficate. This makes it a valid electro­nic sig­nature and not just a pixel image.
In the United States, electro­nic sig­natures are covered under the Uniform Electro­nic Trans­actions Act (UETA) and Electro­nic Signa­tures in Global and National Commerce (ESIGN) law.
Signature capture hardware
Signature capture pad,   photo © Topaz Systems