Key management software
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Program version 2022

Attention, existing customers: Starting with program version 2021, a license code is required for the first time. Therefore, do not install the version available on our download page over the program you have purchased before you have received a license code from us.

Update discount: A free 2022 program update will be given to customers from 2018 purchase date. Customers from 2017 and 2016 will get 75% discount on new price, customers from 2015 and 2014 will get 50% discount. If you are interested, please send us a short email.

Print templates in Word: Last year the possibility to use Word documents as templates had to be dropped. This possibility exists again since version 2022-08! The requirement is that the users of Key Organizer have Microsoft Word installed on their PC (it does not work with OpenOffice etc.). If MS Word is not installed, templates in HTML remain as an alternative (included as standard in the program).

Backup outsourced: The previously integrated backup function is no longer available! Please make sure that the data folder of the Key Organizer is included in a backup run e.g. of your server!

Setup: Here you can find a new installation guide.

New functions

Linking entries with files (see below for instructions)

"IDs" window for key copies with consecutive numbers (see "IDs" button on the Keys tab)

Total list "Keys and Persons" (see main menu: Extra windows)

PDF: Handover receipts are now generated as PDF docu­ments. This does not require a virtual printer. The old printer selection is no longer necessary. The generated PDF is display­ed immediately, and it is also saved as a file. The Key Organizer remembers the PDF for each transaction, so that it can be retrieved later from the owner list and logging. Please note that new print templates must be created.

• Same user interface: Little has changed in the user interface so far. Advantage: no need to get used to it, disadvantage: it looks old-fashioned (see below: Further development).

• Further development: Based on the new version, further improvements, new functions and a more flexible interface are planned for 2023. Existing customers who buy a program update now will also receive the innovations of the next 12 months free of charge.
New: Link entries with files

Some customers have requested to be able to store scanned handover receipts in the program and link them to persons or key handovers. This function has been available since program version 2022-04.

The files can either remain in their place on the hard disk or be taken over (moved) by the Key Organizer to its data folder. You should prefer the latter if the file does not need to stay in place for other uses.
If a file remains in its original location, you must ensure yourself that the file remains exactly there permanently and is not renamed. In addition, the path must also be valid for other users. Otherwise the Key Organizer will not find the file again.

Linking with key transfers
To link a file to an issued key, go to the Employees tab and select a person. The issued keys are listed at the bottom left. You can right-click on a key entry and select "Link to file" from the pop-up menu. A file selection dialog box will then appear.

Link to master data
You can also link a file to any master data record, for example, to a door, a building, a key without a person reference, or a person without a key reference. To do this, first select an entry on any tab and then click on Edit in the main menu, then on "Link to file".

Show linked files
In the menu where you found the link function, there is also a menu item "Show linked files". In the window that lists the files, you can double-click on a file name to call up the file. With the right mouse button you can find further functions, e.g. to delete the entry.

Transferring a file to the data folder
To copy or move a linked file from its original location to the program's data folder, right-click in the file list (see above) and select "Copy file to data folder" from the pop-up menu.