Key management software
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Short support free of charge

Regardless of whether you have already purchased the program or are still trying out the demo version, you are welcome to send any questions that arise to us by e-mail. See the Contact page.

Importing tables (data import)

We would like to save you the effort of entering your data manually and have therefore equipped Key Organizer with import functions. Since the tabular structure of your own, existing Excel tables or the formats of other files can be very different, we offer you free of charge to check your existing files for importability - even before you purchase the software - in order to be able to give you assistance for importing.
You can send us existing files (locking plans, lists, tables) informally by e-mail (Contact). We will then check, free of charge and without obligation, whether and how the data can be imported into Key Organizer and, if necessary, give you tips on useful additions and links.

If you want to try importing tables yourself, first switch to the "Sandbox" mode in Key Organizer (see main menu: File > Sandbox) and then look for a suitable function in the Import menu (see main menu: File > Import).

Customize print templates

Since program version 2021, RTF or Word documents are no longer used as print templates. For updated information, see InstallationTips.pdf. Unfortunately, previous templates from older program versions have to be converted once.

We offer to adapt your existing print templates free of charge. In the old Key Organizer (until version 2019) you can find the template files via the main menu: Edit > Configure printouts. You can send us the files listed there by e-mail! Only after that a program update should be installed.